Skill-a-Thon Winners Shine at N.C. State Fair

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Congratulations to all the participants of the 2018 Annual Poultry Skill-A-Thon at the N.C. State Fair!

The Skill-A-Thon, held October 11, 2018, tests participants on their poultry knowledge. Students compete in two categories: Junior Class (9-13 years old) and Senior Class (14-18 years old).

First-place winners received trophies. All other placed finishers received ribbons. Every winning participant took home bragging rights for strutting their poultry stuff!

Junior Class winners

  • Christopher “Goose” Bernash (Union County) – 1st place
  • Matthew Peluso (Craven County) – 2nd place
  • Mikhala Leven, Elizabeth Peluso, Connor Howard (all Craven County) – 3rd place tie
Junior Class Skill-A-Thon winners

(Left to right): Connor Howard, Mikhala Levin, Elizabeth Peluso, Matthew Peluso, Goose Bernash

Senior Class winners

  • Zachery Keeter (Halifax County) – 1st place
  • Roscoe Reeves (Buncombe County) – 2nd place
  • Stacie Winner (Nash County) – 3rd place
Senior Class Skill-A-Thon winners

(Left to right): Roscoe Reeves, Zachary Keeter, Stacie Winner

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