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4-H Avian Bowl Competition

What is Avian Bowl?

Avian Bowl is a team quiz event that tests participants’ knowledge of a wide range of avian topics.

Avian Bowl is meant to make learning fun and stimulate youth interest in poultry.

AVIAN BOWL 2019:  July 19, 2019

Location:  3841 Inwood Rd, Raleigh 27603

Avian Bowl will be held July 19, 2019 after Poultry Judging (which begins at 10 a.m.) and lunch. Avian Bowl will be held at the Poultry Teaching Unit, 3841 Inwood Road (off of Lake Wheeler Road – across from The Point Church), Raleigh, NC  27603.

Submit 20 Questions by July 16, 2019

Each Avian Bowl team is asked to submit 20 questions (based upon the 2019 study packet) to Mary at by July 16, 2019. It can be good review for your team to make up the questions. If your team hand writes the questions, please feel free to scan them in or take a picture and email in this format.

Each question should include the following information:

Category:  Avian Systems; Breeds Varietes & Strains; Game Birds; Eggcyclopedia; Home Chicken Flock; Contribution to Science, or Avian Influenza

Question Type:  Multiple Choice, True/False, or Spelling

Correct Answer

County & Team that submitted

2019 Registration

Registration for the 2019 State-level 4-H Poultry Judging & Avian Bowl is OPEN.

Registration will close July 8, 2019.

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National 4-H Avian Bowl Manual

Avian Bowl questions and answers come from the 2016 revision of the National 4-H Avian Bowl Manual published by Clemson University.
The manual is the recommended reference for participants competing in Avian Bowl competitions.


All questions and answers will come from the following material in the 2016 version of the Avian Bowl Manual:

  • Avian systems (Only Circulatory, Nervous, Excretory, Muscle and Skeletal) – pages 39-40
  • Breeds, varieties, and strains (AOSB and Miscellaneous only) – Pages 79-80
  • Raising game birds (All) – pages 81-99
  • Eggcyclopedia (Eggs from A-Z through Chantilly Meringue) AND (Sabayon sauce through Zeaxanthin) – pages 103-110 and 145-151B
  • Raising your home flock (All) – Pages 151C-161
  • Contributions of poultry to the development of science (All) – Pages 169-170
  • Avian influenza (All) – Pages 181-182l

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Get more details about Avian Bowl rules

For additional information contact

Dr. Mary Fosnaught
4-H & Youth Development Extension Associate
NC State Extension
Prestage Department of Poultry Science
Raleigh, NC 27695-7608

Phone: +1 919.515.5529