4-H Award Winners

— Written By Rhea Hebert

Last weekend, students from around North Carolina participated in a number of poultry 4-H events and competitions, from 4-H poultry judging to Avian Bowl to outdoor cookery. Along the way, the developed skills in judgement and reasoning, public speaking, food safety and preparation and teamwork.

We’re so proud of all the participants and winners who exemplified the 4-H motto of learning while doing!

4-H Poultry Judging (July 20)

Poultry judging tests students’ ability to judge the quality of live poultry, poultry pieces and eggs. It requires them to give a brief presentation of their reasoning to a judge.

The Chatham County Peeps won the Senior competition and will represent North Carolina at the national competition in November. Their trip to Louisville, KY is paid as part of their win and each team member will receive college scholarship money. Well done, Peeps!

Five members of the Chatham County team and one Area Specialized Agent in a group portrait

Chatham County team (left to right): Victoria Brewer (Chatham County Admin. Asst./Poultry Asst. Coach), Emma Wicker (NC State Intern/Asst. Coach), Emily Stecher, Gage Lindley, Samantha Andrews, Dan Campeau (Coach)

4-H Avian Bowl (July 20)

Teams competed in a lively quiz-bowl event to see who had the most in-depth avian knowledge. There were Senior and Junior divisions.

The Nash County team won the Senior division 4-H Avian Bowl and the Edgecomb County team won the Junior division.

Six members of the X County team

(left to right) Kelsey Lichtenwalner (Coach, livestock agent for Nash and Edgecomb counties), Caleb LaHay (Nash Senior), Zac Keeter (Nash Senior), Stacie Winner (Nash Senior), Seth LaHay (Nash Junior), Payden Kiser (Edgecomb Junior).

4-H Outdoor Cookery (July 21)

Students displayed their outdoor cooking skills (opens in a new tab) by preparing either a half chicken or turkey breast using a charcoal grill.

Chicken Char Grill

Participants competed in one age category: 11-13 or 14-18.

11-13 category

  • Gideon Linton (Gold)
  • Jeffrey Bradley (Silver)
  • Ally Tharington (Bronze

14-18 category

  • Ariana Matthews (Gold)
  • James Floyd (Silver)
Five chicken char grill winners

(left to right) Ally Tharington, Ariana Matthews, James Floyd, Gideon Linton, Jeffrey Bradley

Turkey Char Grill

Participants competed in one age category: 9-10, 11-13 or 14-18.

9-10 category

  • Dalton Eure (Gold)

11-13 category

  • Isaac Linton (Gold)

14-18 category

  • Abbigail Owens (Gold)
  • Jordan McKinnon (Silver)
Group portrait of the four turkey char grill winners

(left to right) Abbigail Owens, Dalton Eure, Isaac Linton, Jordan McKinnon

Egg Cookery (July 21)

Participants showcased their egg cooking skills.

Participants competed in one age category: 11-13 or 14-18.

11-13 category

  • Anashia Harris (Gold)
  • Lucian Davis (Silver)
  • Graysyn Pritchard (Bronze)

14-18 category

  • Leianna Brunelle (Gold)
Egg Cookery winners group portrait

(left to right) Dannica Wall, Graysyn Pritchard, Lucian Davis, Anashia Harris

Poultry Production Presentations (July 21)

Participants in this public speaking event presented on poultry production topics and answered questions from the judges.

Participants competed in one age category: 9-10, 11-13 or 14-18.

9-10 category

  • Stephanie Suedbeck (Gold)
  • Darcy Dean (Silver)

11-13 category

  • Nashia Harris (Gold)
  • Quinten Franze (Silver)
  • Arielle Carpenter (Bronze)

14-18 category

  • Aaron Knowles (Gold)
  • Adrianna Little (Silver)
  • Mallory Lancaster (Bronze)